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Experience the Blend of University Life and Cultural Richness


Artistry Meets Academia

Positioned in the heart of St. Louis, Coronado Place & Towers stands proudly amidst the Grand Center Neighborhood, a vibrant arts and entertainment district. Here, culture is alive with over 60 arts and cultural organizations, theaters resonating with performances, galleries showcasing contemporary art, and eclectic eateries tempting your palate. Living at Coronado places you at the intersection of academia and local charm, all encapsulated within a four-square-block radius.

Experience a neighborhood that enhances every aspect of your academic adventure.


Urban Pulse, Academic Proximity

Location is pivotal, and Coronado Place & Towers’ enviable position in the Grand Center Neighborhood of St. Louis is unmatched.

Merely steps away from St. Louis University, our residences promise that you’re always on time for lectures while basking in the serenity of off-campus housing. The Grand Center, a nexus for arts and entertainment, lays just around the corner, inviting you for evening theater shows, weekend art exhibits, or the occasional jazz night.

The neighborhood is alive with eclectic restaurants, unique bars, and cultural venues resonating with the spirit of St. Louis. Want a break from academia? The heart of the District, with the Fabulous Fox Theatre and countless events, ensures there’s always something happening. And for those special occasions when you’re yearning for a larger exploration? The cultural landmarks and historic edifices of St. Louis await your discovery.

Choosing to reside at Coronado is more than just picking an apartment; it’s about being part of a community that accentuates your academic endeavors, nurtures your personal aspirations, and cherishes your distinctive path.

At Coronado, you’re not just a tenant – you’re kin. Our dedicated team, with its profound expertise in student housing, recognizes the singular nuances and goals of university life. We’re here to assist, mentor, and ensure your academic journey in St. Louis is as enriching as you envisioned.


Your Passport to Grand Center Adventures

Coronado offers a rich tapestry of experiences for both relaxation and exploration. Whether you’re looking to bond with friends at a local café or wander through Grand Center’s cultural landmarks, Coronado situates you right in the heart of it all.

Browse the map below or visit Coronado Place & Towers today to discover what awaits just around the corner.

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Revel in Tide Traditions

Discover Grand Center: A Collegiate Dreamland

Tucked amidst iconic venues and modern hubs, student life at Coronado offers a symphony of experiences. Whether witnessing a mesmerizing act at the Grandel Theatre or engaging in stimulating conversation at a local café, Grand Center provides the backdrop for indelible moments.


Discover Grand Center: A Billiken’s Cultural Hub

Situated among historic landmarks and contemporary hotspots, life around Coronado weaves an eclectic mix of experiences. Whether it’s reveling in an art showcase at the Kranzberg Arts Center or exchanging ideas at a local café, Grand Center represents the dynamic spirit of St. Louis.

Fusing Academic Zeal with Grand Center’s Vibrancy
Delve into the nucleus of Grand Center, where educational endeavors seamlessly intertwine with a mosaic of rich cultural experiences, ensuring every Billiken’s journey is as inspiring as it is enlightening.

Dynamic Campus Ambiance
Grand Center, adjacent to Saint Louis University, offers students both academic inspirations and leisure opportunities. From the contemporary vibes of the Moto Museum to the pulsating beats at the Jazz at the Bistro, there’s always a place for study, relaxation, and pleasure.

Billiken Pride Echoes
In the midst of Grand Center, glimpses of Billiken pride resonate. Be it through collaborative art projects or community-driven events, the distinctive spirit of SLU is palpable.

A Cultural Tapestry
Grand Center is a celebration of diverse arts and traditions. Monthly art walks, international culinary delights, and myriad festivals attest to its rich cultural tapestry.

Melodies and Celebrations
Influenced by the larger St. Louis arts scene, Grand Center radiates with musical energy. Regular performances and annual events spotlight the area’s commitment to the arts.


Between Grandeur and Modern Pleasures

In the interplay of historical charm and modern sophistication, Grand Center unfolds a myriad of experiences, echoing the fervor and aspirations of each Billiken.

Where Historic Grandeur Meets Modern Charm
Strategically located in the heart of St. Louis, Grand Center effortlessly fuses the area’s historical roots with the pulsing energy of modern life. Whether it’s a serene evening at the St. Louis Symphony or a lively night out, students are privy to diverse experiences.

Gateway to Enrichment
With its theaters, galleries, and museums, adventure and discovery are just around the corner, promising experiences that both enlighten and entertain.

Trendy, Not Spendy
Blending the charm of historic structures with modern amenities, Grand Center offers a stylish lifestyle that doesn’t stretch student budgets.

A Community Interwoven
The bond between SLU students and the Grand Center community is undeniable. More than just pursuing an academic journey, students here join a vibrant tapestry that values and uplifts every thread.

Innovation and Enterprise
Grand Center, a bustling hub of ideas supported by SLU alumni initiatives and ventures, provides students with a wealth of internship and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Coronado Place and Towers

Redefining the Standard

At Coronado, we deliver more than just student accommodations; we promise an elite student lifestyle. From a curated suite of amenities to our unwavering commitment to superior service, every aspect of Coronado is sculpted to enrich your university experience. Discover the Coronado difference and step into a world of unmatched comfort, utility, and community.

🚶 Direct access to campus convenience – No more morning rushes!
🏢 State-of-the-art remodeled fitness center – Shape your body and mind!
💼 Business center and study lounges – For when focus is paramount.
🎮 Engaging game lounge – Perfect for downtime with friends.
🚗 4 expansive parking garages – Bid farewell to parking woes!
🛎️ 24-hour maintenance and access – We’re here for you, always.
📶 Community-wide WiFi – Stay connected effortlessly.
🌆 Roof terrace and sundeck – Bask in spectacular views.
🛋️ Lounge and multi-use room – Crafted for relaxation and camaraderie.
🔐 Controlled access doors – Your safety, our priority.